Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Pesaka Petroleum Sdn Bhd consistently strives to maintain as well as improve the reliability, quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and timeliness of our services.

We are committed to :

  • Understand and fulfill our client’s needs and expectations
  • Systematically plan, implement and manage our projects.
  • Establish good working relationships with others supporting organizations to forge common values towards achieving the aforementioned objectives.

Our organization is adamant in wanting to :

  • Minimize non- productive or duplicative efforts.
  • Inculcate a quality culture in all employees.

It is therefore, the policy of Pesaka Petroleum to:

  • Ensure sufficient resources are on- hand to provide the required level, quality and timeliness of services to our clients.
  • Formulate and implement project-specific quality plans to achieve clients’ requirement and expectations.
  • Provide training to employees in quality management systems to improve our services.
  • Ensure employees are skilled and competent to perform their assigned tasks.
  • Establish key performance indices and conduct performance reviews.
  • Minimize remedial works and material wastage, with the ultimate objective of achieving zero-defects in services provided.



Our Address:

Level 5, Tun Jugah Tower,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Kuching Sarawak 93100,

Tel:  +6082 245587
Fax: +6082 412349

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9 a.m to 6 p.m