About Us

About Us


PESAKA PETROLEUM Sdn Bhd (842694-T), formerly known as Ombak Marine Group Sdn Bhd, is a wholly-owned by Bumiputera Company based in Kelana Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan with a Fabrication Yard Office located at Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. The Company is licensed by Petronas (License No. 842694-T) and is also registered with Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) under GCP-Pipeline to undertake and carry out any pipeline construction, fabrication, and maintenance activities regionally and globally.

PESAKA PETROLEUM is managed and professionally run by a group of technically dynamic and multi-skilling personnel having wealth of experiences in the Oil and Gas industry, marine engineering and construction industry. Having such highly-skilled and well-experienced technical workforce, the Company has the capability of providing optimal end-to-end solutions in facilities construction, engineering and maintenance from conceptual and preliminary studies to implementation, hook-up and commissioning, facilities decommissioning, and subsequent follow up services. 

In the global ventures arena, PESAKA PETROLEUM has its strong presence with several well-established international companies in the UK, Indonesia, Brunei, and more countries to come in the near future to undertake several joint-cooperation and alliances in hi-tech pipeline isolation, pipeline integrity management analysis, underground gaslift line fabrication and installation, pipelay, pre-lay and post-lay trenching, to name a few.


The best across the horizon in the provision of comprehensive range of services to the Oil and Gas Industry.


To consistently provide reliable, efficient, and sustains credibility as being the trusted Business Partner in the Oil and Gas Industry through the provision of optimal end-to-end engineering solutions and support services regionally and globally.


The key objectives of PESAKA PETROLEUM are to provide competent, efficient, reliable and optimal end-to-end solutions to the height of its capability and professionalism at all times which become the core and essential features in every aspects of its services and endeavour to serve its customers better, safely, and continually supporting all major Oil and Gas Companies in the Industry. 

Principally guided by such objectives in all its activities and through the relentless efforts of its professional workforce, PESAKA PETROLEUM has dynamically established high reputation in the Industry specialising in engineering, construction and maintenance services from onshore, to offshore and marine facilities.


In propelling towards realising its vision and mission PESAKA PETROLEUM has several core businesses with a range of services which fits in well with the Oil and Gas Industry’s contemporary requirements, particularly in supporting the key players and all interested parties within the Industry. In providing such services the Company consistently emphasises on the prudent utilisation of resources while ensuring on-time delivery in each and every project undertaken.

Among the major core business that PESAKA PETROLEUM is dynamically active in providing its services are as follows:

  1. Offshore/Onshore Construction & Engineering Services
  2. Offshore/Onshore Fabrication Services
  3. Pipeline Rejuvenation and Maintenance Services
  4. Pipelay, Pre-Lay and Post-Lay Trenching Works
  5. Maritime Services
  6. Well Integrity Services
  7. Support and Logistic Services
  8. Engineering and Inspection Services


PESAKA PETROLEUM is fully committed in the provision of all the necessary resources, expertise, technical, and financial support towards a synergy and harmonised business environment such that all our clients, vendors, customers, and our own employees could participate in continuous improvement and the creation of innovation in all aspects of our business endeavour and undertakings.

Regardless the nature of our Clients’ requirement, PESAKA PETROLEUM is always committed to serve and support you at all times. We are there for you and together we move forward and excel in achieving high professionalism and commitment in our daily endeavours in terms of consistency, highly-skilled and aptitude personnel, the way we render services and overall   management of our organisation.

PESAKA PETROLEUM is also committed and has high regard towards Health, Safety and Environment Protection, safe working practices, and inculcate safety awareness in all aspects of our business operations. 

Our Address:

Level 5, Tun Jugah Tower,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Kuching Sarawak 93100,

Tel:  +6082 245587
Fax: +6082 412349

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9 a.m to 6 p.m